We are a Catholic ministry that supports our LGBTQ+ community and their families by sharing our personal stories and by promoting equality and inclusion among all people. We have done this work for many years in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Recently, the Archdiocese and others have attempted to silence us. We refuse to be silenced and will continue our ministry in the Archdiocese. 


The time for speaking our truth has never been more urgent. Our emboldened voice has created division with Fortunate Families, Inc. As a group, we are taking time to build our future and explore a new name and affiliation. 


We respect Fortunate Families Inc.’s desire  to build bridges from LGBTQ+ and marginalized people to the institutional Catholic Church. However, we need to speak our unencumbered truth. 


Our new mission statement can be found



We have changed our name from Fortunate Families Detroit to Families with Dignity and are working on a new website.

Please join us for our Families with Dignity meeting at 1:00pm Sunday, September 27, 2020. 
See Events page for upcoming webinar.

Families with Dignity

A Catholic ministry for LGBTQ+ families & friends


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