Fortunate Families Detroit is a Catholic ministry that supports our LGBTQ+ community and their families by sharing our personal stories and by promoting equality and inclusion among all people. We have done this work for many years in the Archdiocese of Detroit. We will continue our ministry in the Archdiocese.


We chose the name of Fortunate Families Detroit because we are in harmony with the foundational vision of Fortunate Families, Inc., and its hopes to build bridges from LGBTQ+ and marginalized people to the institutional Catholic Church. We still share this goal. We have unfortunately come to a disagreement with Fortunate Families, Inc., over our need to articulate our mission as a now truly marginalized group forbidden from meeting in the Archdiocese. We love the Catholic Church. As baptized Catholics, however, we are obligated, now more than ever, to speak against injustice.


As a group, we are taking time to build our future and explore a new affiliation. Stay tuned as we plan to change our name to better align it with the breadth of our message. 

Our next meeting will be determined soon.
This will be a ZOOM meeting to be accessed online.


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